Nobody Puts Backlist in a Corner

Lionsgate Entertainment
Santa Monica, CA
April 1, 2010

Dear Ms. Vnuk,

It has come to our attention that you have been the benfactor of numerous awards, including those with cash prizes, that have made reference to your “ShelfRenewal” blog. We at Lionsgate Entertainment (previously Vectron Pictures) have made numerous attempts to contact you regarding the use of your “Nobody puts Backlist (Baby) in a Corner” phrase.

On behalf of the film’s writer, Eleanor Bergstein, actress Jennifer Grey, and the late Patrick Swayze and the late nose of Jennifer Grey, we demand that you immediately stop use of this phrase in order to avoid legal action.

We must ask that you do not continue to use this phrase. However, we at Lionsgate support the creativity of all fans of our films and are happy to offer the suggestion of the following phrases (none of which come from films owned by Lionsgate or any of its interests):

“Show me the Backlist”

“Frankly my dear, I don’t give a ShelfRenewal”

“Do you expect me to talk… No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to go to ShelfRenewal”

“Who you gonna call? ShelfRenewal” – you may want to check with Ray Parker, Jr. prior to using this one

We thank you in advance for your prompt response to this request, and hope you continued success in all of your ventures that do not involve us.

Lionsgate Entertainment

(April Fool’s!  Courtesy of Jonathan Vnuk)


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